Complaint History

  • We take a detailed history of your presenting musculoskeletal complaint

  • A review of your relevant medical history such as surgeries and medications

musculoskeletal Assessment

  • During the consult you may need to disrobe. Robes are provided if required

  • We perform an examination of your body's range of movement

  • Locating areas causing pain or restrictions of motion


  • To help confirm a diagnosis we may need to test your blood pressure and perform orthopedic testing

  • Once we have taken your musculoskeletal complaint history and assessment, we diagnose your injury and work with you to create a plan to treat it with hands-on therapy and rehabilitation

hands-on Therapy

  • Hands-on treatment may be indicated for your musculoskeletal complaint.

  • Osteopaths perform soft and deep tissue massage, stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, dry needle therapy, joint mobilisation and manipulation

  • Your osteopath will discuss these treatments with you if you have any concerns

home exercise and management

  • Advice and strategies to assist with your recovery

  • Exercises to assist with injury rehabilitation

  • Strategies to avoid re-injury

  • Ergonomic advice

continued care

  • Working together with you throughout the course of your musculoskeletal complaint.

  • Communicating with GPs and other allied health practitioners to find the best treatment outcomes for you